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Counting Every Step

The LRBID uses on-street counters from Eco-Visio to monitor traffic flow. The data provided here represents real-time counts which may include multiple counts of a single visitor. Visitor data from Placer.Io represents counts based on aggregated anonymous data tracking mobile devices which are only counted once per day. Please contact us with any questions about this data or to request a customized report.

Comparative Data

Download this chart which shows 12 month data from compared to other national retail destinations

Download Chart (JPG)

12 Month Report

Download this report which shows 12 month data from Eco-Visio counters for visitors on Lincoln Road.

Download Report (PDF)

Placer 12 Month Report

This report shows visitor data to Lincoln Road for a 12 month period. This data is collected from anonymous tracking of mobile devices.

Download Report (PDF)

Venue Data

Depending on the location some retail locations on and around Lincoln Road can be mapped for detailed reports. This functionality is limited mostly to national chain locations and locations that are not in multi-use structures.

VIew Sample Report (PDF)